So many of us dread traveling over the holidays. But with the right preparation, your trip can be full of holiday joy. Below are some travel tips to keep in mind when you’re on the road this holiday season. 

Holiday Travel Tips for Drivers

First, you’ll want to plan your trip accordingly. Holiday congestion can extend trip times significantly, so there’s no telling when you may actually make it to your destination. And you’ll also want to analyze your different route options. Choose the one that has the least chance of heavy traffic, even if it means more miles on the road. 

Second, you’ll want to properly equip your car for the trek. This means making sure your tires have plenty of tread to combat any slippery conditions, all lights are in working order, your antifreeze is topped off, cold-weather oil is in the engine, and wiper blades are nice and sharp. 

It’s also wise to put together a roadside emergency kit to keep in your trunk should you find yourself stranded. Your kit should include a flashlight with extra batteries, roadside flares, a blanket and warm clothes, water and non-perishable snacks, and a prepaid cell phone.

Third, get a good night’s sleep before your journey. You may be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, and heavy traffic has a way of exhausting you. Trade shifts with another driver in your party, and take advantage of rest areas to give yourself a break now and then. Whatever you do, don’t drive drowsy

Once on the road, drive slowly and defensively. Other drivers will surely speed to try to make up for lost time. And with early darkness and wintery conditions, the road can be a dangerous place around the holidays. 

Prep for the Holidays in Wilmington, NC

One final tip for holiday travel is to take your car in for a tuneup. The wintery conditions of the holiday season can make for treacherous driving, and a finely-tuned vehicle is key to a successful journey. 

Check out the service specials available at Parkway Subaru in Wilmington, North Carolina, and schedule a service appointment with our team today to make sure your holiday season is a happy — and safe — one.