Not even the North Carolina coast is spared from winter’s effect on the roadways. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, knowing how to navigate the adverse driving conditions will help you arrive at your destination safely.

We’ve put together three tips to help you confidently tackle winter driving.

Winter Driving Tips for Wilmington

Get into a ready position

Driving is an active and engaged activity. That fact is never more apparent than when the freezing rain starts to fall. By sitting up straight in the driver’s seat with your hands on the wheel, you’ll be ready for anything in your path. At the same time, turn off the radio and silence your mobile phone so that you can concentrate on the sounds your car, the road, or other vehicles are making.

Keep your distance

Give yourself more than enough space from the car ahead of you — at least three times as much space as in dry conditions. By increasing the distance between you and the next car, you’ll have a greater distance to react and slow your car down if you have to stop.

When you notice the brake lights ahead of you illuminate, it can be safer to simply remove your foot from the accelerator and let your vehicle slow down naturally. Immediately shifting to the brake pedal could cause the brakes to lock up or the tires to skid on the ice, snow, or slush.

Stay in control

If the road conditions are snowy or icy, you should avoid using the cruise control at all costs. While helpful on long trips in dry conditions, it could actually cause the car to speed up if the wheels start to slide on ice, water, or snow.

Prepare for the Winter Driving at Parkway Subaru

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