Every engine needs oil to keep it running. The parts of an engine are constantly moving, and oil flows through these parts so that overheating doesn’t occur. The frequency required for an oil replacement can also depend on the age of your vehicle and the severity of changing temperatures.

The signs detailed below will help you identify when your oil is old and needs to be replaced.

Ticking sounds

If the oil is not properly moving through engine parts, you’ll likely hear a ticking noise, especially when your engine is starting up. This is because oil is not moving effectively, causing different metal pieces of the engine to clank against one another.

Unusual smells

If the inside of your car starts to smell like burnt oil, there is likely an oil leak. This also means your engine is overheating, due to the fact that it needs more oil.

Warning lights

If your “check engine” light keeps coming on, it could mean your oil needs to be changed. Different vehicles have different warning lights, so consult your owner’s manual or a mechanic to see what the light indicates.

Poor gas mileage

When oil gets old, your car’s engine has to work harder to function, and it uses up more fuel to do so. Worse gas mileage than usual can mean your oil needs to be changed.

Excess exhaust

If blue or gray smoke is emitted in your vehicle’s exhaust, it could mean an oil leak, which occurs as a result of a needed oil change.

Miscolored Oil

Just removing your oil dipstick and looking at the color can tell you if your oil needs to be changed. A dark brown or black color indicates oil needs to be replaced.

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