We all have places to go and things to do, which is why it’s smart to make sure your vehicle is running properly by keeping up with regular maintenance. One of the most important aspects of maintenance is making sure your car’s battery has the power it needs to get you to your destination. Let’s look at what you can expect from your battery.

Basic Battery Information

Your car’s battery is what allows it to get started each and every time you turn the keys. As the battery ages or gets drained or depleted by the vehicle’s electrical components, you’ll need to consider replacing it. While batteries usually last around five or six years, extreme conditions and extended use can take their toll. If your battery’s life is in question, many service centers can check it for you.

Signs You Have Battery Trouble

Trouble Starting

One of the most common warning signs of battery problems is trouble starting. If your vehicle (or your vehicle’s battery) is newer, it may just need a jump to get it going. After a jump, make sure to either drive the car for five to ten miles or let it idle for about 20 minutes. This should give the battery time to charge back up.

With an older battery, you may notice your vehicle’s interior lights won’t turn on when you turn the key. If you’re hearing your engine cranking but not starting and your electrical components won’t turn on, a dead or dying battery is most likely to blame.

Other Factors

If you’re finding your vehicle’s electrical components are struggling to work properly, you may have low battery power. Between power seats, power windows, headlights, and other electrical systems, your battery is relied upon to keep things working. Should you notice any of these systems isn’t working correctly, have your battery checked out.

Lastly, a rather simple solution is to keep an eye on your dashboard. Virtually all newer vehicles feature some sort of warning light that can alert you if your battery is in need of maintenance or replacement.

Parkway Subaru is Here to Help

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